Membership Structure

PRENO is a two-tier organisation with a general membership and an elected Committee.

There are three categories of general membership as follows:-

Category 1

Black and Minority Ethnic Organisations (whose main objectives are to represent and organise mutual support for people who are members of a particular minority ethnic group or groups). This category includes organisations which could claim to be both BME and service provider organisations.

Category 2

Service Provider Organisations (whose main purpose is to provide services to the local community or to particular groups of people in need in the local community). Member organisations who are large statutory agencies such as local authorities may choose if they wish to have separate departments within that authority as member organisations in their own right.

Category 3

Individual associate members. Any person living or working in PRENO’s area of benefit may be an individual member of PRENO provided that she/he makes a commitment to PRENO’s objects.

Current Membership

Following the initial launch, PRENO has been steadily canvassing formal membership. There are currently (February 2010) the following members of PRENO: –

1) Black and Minority Ethnic – 35 groups
2) BME Individuals – 38
3) Service Provider/Statutory Agencies – 77 (In addition, Portsmouth City Council 17 departments as sub-members, other service providers overall 20 departments as sub-members)
4) Interested Parties – 103 (Non-members)



1) The Hampshire African Association (HAFRIA)
2) Hindu Cultural Association (Portsmouth)
3) Chinese Women and Youth Society
4) African Women’s Forum
5) Zanzibar Organisation
6) Portsmouth Filipino Association
7) Southern African Union Organisation
8) Ma Afrique Unity
9) Baha’l Faith Group
10) Portsmouth Vietnamese Association
11) Kurdish Community Association in Portsmouth
12) Portsmouth Bangladeshi Cultural Association
13) Sylhet District Association
14) Portsmouth Francophone Space
15) Anglo-Hellenic Society
16) PASCO (Portsmouth Asian Social & Cultural Organisation)
17) South Hants Jewish Reform Community
18) Portsmouth Chinese Christian Church
19) Caribbean Islands Association
20) Portsmouth Sikh Community
21) Moulvi Bazaar Association
22) Rock of Ages Interdenominational Ministries
23) Latin American Cultural Association
24) Portsmouth Sikh Community
25) Wessex Jamaat
26) OGROSHOR (Moving Forward) Bengali Womens’ Group
27) Thai Solent Society
28) African Cultural Organisation for Integration
29) The GRACE Association
30) Portsmouth African Unity (PAU)
31) Better Life Outreach
32) Portsmouth Cameroon Association
33) Camfoot UK
34) Malayali Association Of Portsmouth (MAP)
35) Portsmouth Bangladeshi Women’s Social Group
36) The Sudanese Community In Portsmouth
37) Portsmouth Russian Group
38) Portsmouth Gambian Association

Please email PRENO for information about our members, black, minority ethnic groups & service providers.



Please download, complete and return the membership application form. There is currently no joining fee to become a member of PRENO. Your details will be entered into our database and you will be sent/emailed all information about current events and meetings and also any relevant information from any of our existing 300+ members. This can, therefore, provide a wonderful networking opportunity!


The Committee is elected each year by PRENO members at the Annual General Meeting. The Articles of Association provide that upto 12 of the 16 Committee members will be from BME organisations and the remaining 4 places are for representatives of service provider organisations. There are also 3 seats available for co-opted members.
Committee Operation

The Committee has met at least bi-monthly since July 2002.
Committee Skills and Experience

  • Committee members have a wide range of experience as follows:-
    Private sector business (i.e. Hospitality, retail, tourism, training, accountancy & legal
  •  Public sector (Local Government, the Police, Primary Care Trust, Portsmouth City Council’s Health, Housing and Social Care Directorate)
    Voluntary sector (Housing, Portsmouth Diocese)
  • Within their respective organisations, a number of Committee members have responsibilities for financial management, recruiting and managing staff, project planning and fundraising.